Artists compete in Sand Painting Comptition       2013-08-13
 Mud carnival held in Xiushan       2013-07-31
 Mariner skill competition held in Zhoushan       2013-06-26
 Knock and eat eggs,theme of Summer Begins       2013-05-14
 Elderly couples take wedding dress photos in Zhoushan       2013-04-01
 Guanyin narcissus show celebrates Chinese New Year       2013-02-17
 Make rice cake in agritainment       2012-12-17
 Zhoushan made sister-city(district) relationship with Jinshan       2012-10-30
 Sand sculpture exhibition kicks off in Zhoushan       2012-09-13
 Boat Show closed with plentiful fruits       2012-07-26
 Summer camp opened for little oversea Zhoushanese       2012-07-12
 Cross Donghai Canyon       2012-05-30
 Buddha Tea of Mount Putuo in E. China       2012-04-26
 Volunteers learn from Comrade Lei Feng       2012-03-15
 Women enjoy International Women's Day       2012-03-14
 Red lanterns hung for Spring Festival       2012-01-31
 Collection underway for Zhoushan city logo and slogan       2011-12-30
 Kite Tournament opened in Daishan       2011-10-31
 Disney theme sand sculpture exhibition held in Zhujiajian       2011-09-29
 Cleaners make the city better home       2011-09-05
 Traditional Taohua Parade on the Show       2011-08-02
 Fish increased after breeding operations around Baisha       2011-07-02
 Zhoushan hosts Marine Games       2011-05-30
 Foreign students plant trees in Zhoushan       2011-05-06
 Semester begins, kids cared       2011-03-16
 Donation from religious group to bridge construction       2011-03-04
 Zhoushan doctress awarded Pride of Zhejiang       2011-01-31
 Giant propeller in Ship Expo 2010       2010-12-07
 Culture exchange: Taiko and Zhoushan Gong and Drum       2010-11-02
 Travel to Africa through sand sculpture       2010-10-17
 Ship Industry Exhibition 2010 to held in November       2010-10-06
 Sea-mussel Culture Festival opened in Shengsi       2010-09-06
 Let Taohua Island witness our love       2010-09-06
 Festivals       2010-08-02
 China Marine Culture Festival       2010-08-01
 Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival       2010-07-31
 Zhoushan International Fishery Industry Expo       2010-07-30
 Kwan-yin Bodhisattva Culture Festival       2010-07-29
 China Seafood Festival       2010-07-29
 Xiushan Mudflat Festival       2010-07-28
 Shengsi Sea-mussel Festival       2010-07-27