Pilot training school in E China       2013-08-13
 International Boat Show reached higher deals       2013-07-31
 Ahoy there, yachts and cruise liners       2013-06-13
 Haitian Highway in construction       2013-05-14
 Shipping industry recession impacted seaman salary       2013-03-14
 More wind-PV hybrid streetlights applied       2013-02-02
 Ocean College of ZJU to open in 2015       2013-01-16
 Dinghai offers food home-delivery for old peoples       2012-12-17
 Shengxi sea-mussel in harvest       2012-11-29
 Bonded zone to set up in Zhoushan       2012-10-29
 Changhong speeds up harbor logistics construction       2012-08-15
 Recreational diving came to Zhoushan       2012-07-14
 19 major projects begin construction       2012-06-19
 Association of Aqua Product Export Bases established       2012-05-30
 SUNSUN Joined CIECF 2012       2012-05-02
 Aqua Market upgrading project launched       2012-04-13
 China Star to set official voyage in May       2012-03-28
 Agriculture professionals instruct plum planters       2012-03-01
 "Cousin" ship launched in Jinhai       2012-01-31
 Kaihong and Tesco boost commercial industry       2012-01-14
 Chuantian merged 7 Zhoushan Companies       2011-12-15
 Pick Chrysanthemum       2011-11-16
 Isle resort building starts       2011-10-17
 Night launching       2011-09-05
 Ship Yard in Zhoushan Meets Giant Oil Platform       2011-08-02
 Zhoushan selected to develop Marine Sci&Tech       2011-07-02
 New power plant to built in Liuheng       2011-05-30
 Zhoushan attends Sea Asia 2011       2011-05-06
 Object raised for public rental houses in 12th five-year-plan       2011-04-10
 Rent your own island in Zhejiang       2011-03-03
 Mid Street to re-open       2011-02-15
 Majishan throughput hit record high       2011-01-31
 Lincheng CBD under construction       2011-01-17
 STONEHENGE launched in Jinhai       2010-12-07
 Three quarters' GDP issued       2010-11-22
 More high-end products, more profits       2010-10-06
 MEPCEIT began oral defense conference       2010-09-15
 7 more companies to invest in Dongsha       2010-08-23
 City of Marine Science & Technology       2010-07-31
 Zhoushan Economic Development Zone       2010-07-30
 Xincheng Modern Service Industry Zone       2010-07-28
 Putuo Economic Development Zone       2010-07-27
 Invest in Zhoushan       2010-07-30